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Sweet Fire DVD

The Nutrition Video That Can Change Your Life

This enlightening and informative video provides a comprehensive and holistic picture of the role of sugar and carbohydrates in your health.

With clarity, humor, insight, and precision, Mary Toscano introduces you to the physiology of sugar highs and lows. When you understand the mechanisms underlying what we eat and how we feel, decisions about what to eat for maximum energy, stamina, and long-term well being, become clear and simple.

With slides, animations, demonstrations, and drama, this is both captivating and educational. Topics include:

  • The carbohydrate content of the average diet,

  • The development of insulin resistance,

  • Whole vs. processed foods,

  • Diabetes and hypoglycemia,

  • Ways to manage and balance your blood sugar levels.

Of interest to everyone wanting to be better informed about how sugar and carbohydrates impact their mood, energy, well being, weight, and health. Sweet Fire is also an excellent nutrition primer.

Since watching Sweet Fire, I've lost 20 pounds.

-- Mike, San Francisco, CA

A highly informative and practical crash-course in what different foods do to your body, and how to pick the foods that promote good health... On film she comes across like that one biology teacher in high school that everyone loved: the one who could make the complexities of science accessible to even the most clueless jocks.

-- Amy Tenderich,

Truly eye-opening because Ms. Toscano explained sugars in terms everyone could understand. I loved the visuals that reinforced the concepts. Being a 5th-6th grade science teacher for 17 years, I feel the whole unit should be packaged and sold to school districts nationwide.

-- Linda H, Casper, WY

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Playing Time
65 Minutes

In one hour learn how to:

  • Have more energy,

  • Manage your weight,

  • Avoid mood swings,

  • Feel better!

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