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Wow! Once again I’m blown away by the straightforward, easy to understand way that Mary Toscano teaches the lay person about the benefits of fats in our diet in her eye opening video Fabulous Fats.What are Fats? You learn about: the so called bad fats, saturated fats, unsaturated fats, trans fats, good fats, oils and fats, and why you need them, and much more.In much the same approach as Sweet Fire DVD, where Mary reveals all about sugars and how they negatively impact health, Toscano leads the viewer on a journey into the complex, much unknown world of dietary fats. She uses visuals, manipulatives, and even a musician to teach all about fats and the vital roles they play in keeping or body healthy (or not). This 65 minute DVD, Fabulous Fats, engages the viewer immediately and keeps you interested throughout. Toscano’s easygoing, sweet, and simple to understand educational program anyone and everyone can learn important information about all of the fats that we eat...Read complete review

-- Barbara Cronin, In the Flow Writing,


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-- Sandy Brekenridge,


I love your videos, it makes me and my staff's job a lot easier explaining the importance of fat and sugar handling to our clients. We have clients watch the DVD’s while waiting for their appointment. The front desk has the DVDs memorized because they listen to them as they are on a continuous play which has increased their overall knowledge. Because of that I used them as staff training to increase the staff knowledge on the subject. I admire you for doing the video’s and we at Fountain of Health Alternative Health Center and Spa totally support you.

-- Dawn Throne-Dwyer, Sacramento, CA

Mary Toscano has done it again. To compliment her phenomenal video on sugars and starches, she has produced an easy to understand video on fats and oils. True to her previously demonstrated abilities, Mary has made it easy to understand that we all need more good fats, less bad fats, and how to tell which is which. I suggest that you watch both videos.

-- David J. Getoff, Naturopath, CTN, Jamul, CA

Mary Toscano has the ability to explain the education of complicated health topics such as Fabulous Fats and Blood Sugars in a refreshing and captivating way. She is gifted with being able to transform health topics into simple, visual formulas that are easy to understand for both young and older persons alike. Her videos are educational tools that all schools should use as part of their health programs.

-- Kathy Cummins, CNE and Holistic Culinary Arts Instructor, Santa Cruz, CA

I finally had a chance to watch both DVDs yesterday...twice!!! Wow,thanks for putting the package together. I have a good base in nutrition but you filled in a lot of gaps and I love the visuals. I will look forward to sharing with my Weight Watcher class.

-- Andrea, British Columbia, Canada

Truly eye-opening because Ms. Toscano explained fats and sugars in terms everyone could understand. I loved the visuals that reinforced the concepts. There were so many "ahas" for me. Being a 5th-6th grade science teacher for 17 years I feel these whole units should be packaged and sold to school districts nationwide. This is the tool we need to make kids take control of their health EARLY. I think our district would be very interested.Thank you.

-- Linda H., Casper, WY

I have been in a 26 year battle with my weight, fatigue, and finally a 4 year struggle with diabetes. I can honestly tell you that any GOOD information that I learned was not from a Doctor. The doctors would just keep adding pills and tell me to lose weight. Your videos are the best information I have seen yet! I was so excited that I began to "witness" to my Bible Study Group about the videos. They were so curious that I arranged a "Fabulous Fats Party"... They were very attentive to the information and we kept rewinding the tape so wouldn't miss a thing. I warned them there would be singing; but that was just the "omega 3 in the Fats", so to speak. It added to the fun and we began to sing along. Afterwards, they insisted that I show them the Sweet Fire video. So, what was to be a one hour party turned into a 3 hour festival (what with rewinding the tape, comments, "ahas", singing and all...) Everyone left happy, resolved to change lifestyles, and "full" of information. They were determined to go home and do some label reading. By the way, many who were to be there called wishing that they had come. So I am planning two more "Sweet and Fabulous"parties. Thank you, Mary..YOU are sweet and fabulous.

-- Cathy G. Granite Bay, CA

I so enjoyed our time with the videos. I learned so much and it's got me motivated.

-- Cindy, Granite Bay, CA

My wife and I have been in the restaurant business for many years. I thought I had a full understanding of sugars and fats. We have several reference books and always read labels.My wife, the Chef, had all the facts but I learned I did not. After viewing Fabulous Fats and Sweet Fire my understanding was multiplied several times and we both were impressed with the simplicity and brilliance of Mary’s’ presentation. Serious information transcends easily with logical explanations and a touch of humor. We made some important changes to our own diets and have shared this wonderful information with our friends. We both say these DVDs are must haves.

-- Marilyn & Steve, Monterey, CA

My Curves members and employees love Mary's DVD's. I show them at the Curves facility on a regular basis. Mary has a way with words and visuals, very easy to understand with her teaching methods. Thanks Mary!

-- Shawn Burtch, Curves Owner, Grosse Pointe Woods and Grosse Pointe City, Michigan


The talk was very informative and clear. She took a very complex subject and made it accessible and memorable to a lot of people... The music was brilliant.. I had no idea how it was going to work and it shocked me to see that it integrated with the rest of the talk so well.

-- Doug Michels, Santa Cruz, CA

Fabulous Fats was so fun, inviting, and really well written---You kept it simple without dumbing it. I am so excited for people to see what you are doing.

-- Ameena G, Santa Cruz, CA

...One of the things that really turned a light on from Fabulous Fats is to go organic on all animal products. I’ve never been big on buying organic, but this makes soooo much sense. I dashed out and bought organic milk (yikes, I can’t believe I haven’t been doing that all along. I hope I haven’t damaged my kids for life!) Thanks so much for that and for all the other helpful information.

-- Wendy S., Seattle, WA

This is Carrie. I'm 13 years old. I’m just writing to tell you how much I liked your video about ‘Fabulous Fats’. I think it was very informative and I learned a lot! It helped me to realize how fabulous fats are. Specifically what I liked about it was the fact that you had a song to summarize up what you had just said, especially the coconut song!! We all loved that! And it really helped me a lot to understand what you were saying, and it helped me remember it better.

-- Carrie G. Sutten, MA

After viewing Fabulous Fats, we have shared this information with family and friends. Jackie's mother is 90 years old and just complained about a high reading on her cholesterol. The doctor doesn't even ask what she eats. We cleared out her cupboards and refrigerator [of foods with partially hydrogenated oil]. She says those Omega 3 eggs taste better and her food feels better in her body. Our daughter cleaned out her refrigerator and cupboards and our grandchildren are reaping the benefits. Thank you!

-- George and Jackie B, Folsom, CA

Mary's talk on Fabulous Fats is a "must see" for any one who cares about their health. After seeing "Fabulous Fats", it become perfectly obvious to me that the asthma I had developed 5 years ago was at least partly due to my diet. I've had allergies all my life, and in an effort to be healthy and active I changed to a low fat, soy based diet. Then I moved to California and the new pollen and allergens triggered severe asthma attacks and almost killed me..

A year later Mary presented the clear, understandable, and obvious facts in "Fabulous Fats". I was fat deprived of certain critical fats! I added flax oil to my diet, several times a day, and in a matter of a few weeks my allergies have never been better, and while I used to need near toxic levels of hormones and inhalers to control my asthma, now I haven't used them in months!

I can honestly say that I think "Fabulous Fats" saved my life. Not only did I make good changes in my diet, I understand why they are important.

-- Steve A., Santa Cruz, CA

I just finished watching both of the videos and would like to comment. I must say that I have gained a wealth of information in just a short time. I thought I had a very good diet but now have changed my dietary habits completely. Your DVD's clearly and easily show how the bodily processes work and how nutrition gets to the cells. You have demystified the trans fats/amino acid topics that we hear bandied about but were not exactly sure what was being said and why they are important to know about. As an older athlete: runner, surfer, sailboarder, and mountain biker the information contained in the DVD's will become invaluable as I embark on my newfound nutritional journey. Thanks, and I will miss my morning cookies during weight training.

-- Mike P, Santa Cruz, CA

I watched the Fabulous Fats video with my entire family. My 13 year old daughter benefited the most from it. It reinforced all the things I've been trying to teach her about everything in moderation and avoid "junk food". Fruits and vegetables and foods in their "natural" form are always best! My daughter was so impressed with the video that she wants to bring Fabulous Fats to school and have her classmates benefit from the important information provided in this video. Mary Toscano was extremely knowledgeable and very impressive with her presentation. This video is important for ALL to see!

-- Carolyn G, Sutton, MA

Fabulous Fats is GREAT!!! I love the music by Dan--a really nice touch to give us viewers a break from the seriousness of the program. You had SO much information in there that I must see it again to get it all.

-- Dorothy E. Santa Cruz, CA

After years of starving myself of fats, I'm not afraid to eat healthy and balanced again.

-- Paige W. Santa Cruz, CA


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