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Fabulous Fats DVD

The Nutrition Video That Will Change
How You Think About Fat

For over thirty years, fat in our diet has been associated with obesity, heart disease, and high cholesterol. Recent studies dispel these beliefs and prove that good fats are absolutely essential to our health and well-being. But which fats are good? Sifting through all the information on fats can leave you with even more questions. No one has made this information simple. Until now...

As in her first landmark video: Sweet Fire: Understanding Sugar's Role in Your Health, Certified Nutrition Educator Mary Toscano has taken a complicated, confusing subject and made it accessible. In this dynamic, musical and highly visual talk, discover the vital role fats play in feeling energized, slim and strong. See which fats are essential for the heart, brain, eyes and reducing painful inflammation. Discover which fats help with joint pain, arthritis, memory and mood swings, and which damaged fats must be avoided!

Covers low-fat and no-fat myths:

  • Where the low fat diet goes wrong,

  • Discover the real reason we are getting too much saturated fat,

  • Learn how good fats make you thin.

Get knowledge you can apply immediately with this entertaining educational video.

Wow! Once again Iím blown away by the straightforward, easy to understand way that Mary Toscano teaches the lay person about the benefits of fats in our diet in her eye-opening video, Fabulous Fats.

-- Barbara Cronin, In the Flow Writing,

I love your videos, it makes me and my staff's job a lot easier explaining the importance of fat and sugar handling to our clients. We have clients watch the DVDs while waiting for their appointment. I used them as staff training to increase the staff knowledge on the subject. We at Fountain of Health Alternative Health Center and Spa totally support you.

-- Dawn Throne-Dwyer, Sacramento, CA

Fabulous Fats was so fun, inviting, and really well written -- You kept it simple without dumbing it. I am so excited for people to see what you are doing.

-- Ameena G, Santa Cruz, CA

I have been in a 26 year battle with my weight, fatigue, and finally a 4 year struggle with diabetes. Your videos are the best information I have seen yet! I was so excited... that I arranged a "Fabulous Fats Party"... They were very attentive to the information and we kept rewinding the tape so they wouldn't miss a thing. Everyone left happy, resolved to change lifestyles, and "full" of information. Thank you, Mary... YOU are sweet and fabulous.

-- Cathy G. Granite Bay, CA

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Playing Time
65 Minutes

Answers the questions:

  • I'm eating low-fat and
    no-fat foods so why am I still gaining weight?

  • How do I know if a
    fat is good or bad?

  • What's the big deal
    about trans fats?

  • Are there oils I
    shouldn't cook with?

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