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How do I get the handout that goes with the Fabulous Fats video?

Email us the following information:

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  • How and when you saw the Fabulous Fats video or the live presentation


What is the difference between palm oil, palm kernel oil and coconut oil?

Coconut oil comes from the fruit ("nut") of the coconut palm. Palm oil and palm kernel oil come from the fruit and the seed of the oil palm, respectively.

The palm kernel seed resembles a miniature coconut. The oil is similar to coconut oil because it is rich in the medium chain fatty acids -- lauric acid (50%), caprylic acid (4%), and capric acid (4%) (as discussed in Fabulous Fats!). Palm kernel oil is used mostly in candy making.

Palm oil contains approximately 50% saturated fats, 40% mono-unsaturated fats and 10% poly-unsaturated fats. It is widely used as a cooking oil in Africa and Asia. European manufacturers are now using it to replace trans fats in snack foods and baked goods.(1)



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