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In Sweet Fire, I had touched upon the importance of adding good fats to your diet, and I was so fascinated by fats that I said one day I would do a whole talk on them. I had found that when I started adding good fats to my diet all these wonderful things started happening to me -- like my hair and skin got really soft, my moods became more balanced, and I could go much longer between meals without eating. At that time, I had no conception that fats were not only good for my body but mandatory for my health.

So after 30 years of avoiding fat like the plague, the detailed, driven, scientist in me (I also have a background in engineering) set out to to figure out why something that was supposedly so bad for me was making me feel so good. This led to 2 1/2 years of poring through complicated, disjointed, and technical information on fats, and then 100's of hours of figuring out the best way to make the information simple, clear and fun to learn. Finally, Fabulous Fats! Setting the Record Straight is here! (See video cover.)

In Fabulous Fats, the material is such a paradigm shift to what the current thought is, I realized that just saying the information would not be enough -- an internal reprogramming needed to happen. My strategy to do that was to have the information summed up in various songs, with the thought that if you have a good catchy song in your head, the information will constantly get relearned without even having to think about it. Enter singer/songwriter Dan Barnett who managed to come up with songs, such as "Good Fats Gone Bad," which succinctly and intelligently summed up the key concepts I was getting across.

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