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Mary Toscano Healthy Living

Welcome to Mary Toscano Healthy Living, which was founded to provide the tools and knowledge to reverse the current trend towards obesity and diabetes.

Why Healthy Living?

Because of my family history (both sets of grandparents died from complications of diabetes) and my own sensitivity to sugar, I've dedicated myself to figuring out the role of sugar in health.

My Goal is to Educate, Not Dictate

The books and DVDs I create make it easy to understand the complicated world of sugar and diabetes. If you have issues with sugar, if you are confused about sweeteners, if you want to help a friend or family member struggling with prediabetes or diabetes, or if you just want simple advice on how to get healthy, my products are for you.

If you want to jump start your weight loss take the Sam Farr Challenge. I challenged CA Congressman Sam Farr to follow 3 rules for 30 days. He said YES, followed the rules, and lost 12 pounds in one month! Read more success stories here.



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